Interpoint Comunicação, Eventos & Arte Ltda.

             President and C.E.O. : Fernando de Mendonça
             Vice-President: Marcia Barbério
             Vice-President: Adelaide C. T. de Mendonça

                      International Contact: Eva Anzaloni
                      Courses on the History of Arts: Suzete Garcia
                      Curator: Sandra Setti
                      Orchestra and Music: Jean Reis
                      Corporative Events: Luiz Themudo
                                                              Katia Oliveira

Medieval Village
Your FUTURE is here, in the beauty of the PAST, a scene of the PRESENT!

    Suzana Laïs de Mendonça Center for Arts
    Music Hall with 250 seats
    Conference Room for 260 people
    Hall for Dance Classes with 100 m²
    Ten studios for music and painting
    Ecumenical chapel with 250 places
    Six suítes
  (Click in the image to see details.)                Total area of the Center: 2500m²

    Conference & Spa
    Sauna bath - Swimming pool (25m long)
    Gym - Home-theater - Barbecue Pit
    Office - Conference rooms
    Eight suítes
    Total area of 1500m²

  (Click in the image to see details.)

    Castle of Arcádia
    Inn and Residence
    Thirteen suítes (each with living, bath and bed rooms, closet)
    Dining-room with 90m²
    Information & Reception Room
    Complete Pent –house in the top three floors
    Elevator up to the sixth floor
  (Click in the image to see details.)                Total area: 1550m²

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